Friday, October 26, 2007

War? has to be called what it is..."terrorism"....Environmentalist must be giddy about their huge bon-fires they created with their do-nothing idealism that left millions of acres of southern California ready for big burning. I can only hear them say quietly to themselves that the people who had houses in these areas had no right to be there and the fires were justice. That is the mindset of hate filled eviro-mentals and why many now say that liberalism is a disease.
We cannot look away from this and we have to begin the real effort of thinning forests to make them pristine and to clear firebreaks to stop uncontrolled burning of desert dry areas like we have seen year after year since 1970 when Enviro-mentals took away all common sense care of the forests and dry brush areas. Now people have died because some dorky bird or rodent was protected by stupidity and hate of man-kind.
These fires this year show the real importance of following through with a bill that was passed years ago to thin forests and make them healthier so these fires cannot burn uncontrollably.

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