Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Polar Bears still happy!

photo © Amanda Byrd.
Polar bears still aren't drowning or dying off like claimed back in 2005 and earlier.
The Amanda Byrd pic which was used for that hoax from the leftist media to get more people sucking up false news about Global Warming is still being used as so many were fooled and still don't know the truth.
I had one gal post that pic alone on another blog just to show her support for the Global Warming side. She had to be so embarrassed when I pointed out the news that she was fooled by the hoax. I felt bad for her, but she wouldn't admit she was fooled by her comrades in the "pseudo media" who deceived her so distastefully. And the fact that this scam has been known for years and the pic was still swirling around with the original hoax story its just hard to clean up such horrid lies.

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