Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Co2 warming?

I found some graphs that may help you understand this Co2 greenhouse effect.

Ok First this one shows the entire greenhouse gas percentages.

Water vapor the largest and most significant greenhouse gas at 95%

Now we will remove the water vapor and figure just the 5% remaining gases

This is the properties of each gas (heat retention potency)

Co2 with a value of 1 = 72.369% of 5%
Methane with a value of 21 = 7.199% of 5%
Nitrous oxide with a value of 310 = 19.000% 0f 5%
(Other gases with variable values) =1.432% of 5%

Now the percentage of man made sources within the 5% gases

Okay try to follow this
72.359% of 5% = 3.618% is total effect of all Co2 greenhouse gas
Now, of that amount man contributes 3.225% to the total of Co2
so we possibly contribute 0.117% of the "Co2" greenhouse effect

Ok now since we had a possible .06 degree warming over the last 100 years, from 1906 to 2006.(Actually the next 40 year cooling period will equal out the imbalance of
two warming periods and only one cooling period during that 100 years. So we might
actually say it is likely cooling or headed toward an ice age.)
If it be true at all that we had this change .06 degree change we can say actual 0.00702 degree of that amount could be from man's Co2. It is virtually nothing and getting rid of all man made source of Co2 for 0.00702 of degree in temperature change while going into another cooling period means nothing at all.

Water vapor the largest and most significant greenhouse gas at 95%
and 0.001% of all water vapor is manmade
The remaining 5% is
Co2 0.177%,
Methane 0.066%
Nitrous oxide 0.047%
Other gases 0.047%

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