Friday, March 28, 2008

warmest year search

Its no wonder so many are ignorant about the climate and real temperatures.
With one search on Google you get these:

* 2007 to Be Warmest Year on Record, Forecasters Say.....
* 2006 Was Warmest Year Yet Recorded for U.S........
* NASA - 2005 Warmest Year in Over a Century.......
* 2005 warmest year on record - Environment-

None of the top headings are factual
1934 was the warmest year recorded. 1998 was next. 2007 was the coolest one year drop in temperature that is the single fastest temperature change ever recorded, either up or down. And the winter of 2008 is coldest since 2001.

Luckily you get one fact that tells more of the story: Nasa'a correction on temperature readings.

NASA's Backtrack on Warmest Year Is Being Ignored, Critic Says ...Aug 16, 2007 ... ( - NASA scientists this month corrected an error that resulted in 1934 replacing 1998 as the warmest year on record in the U.S. ...


JC said...

Actually, 1934 is the warmest year on record in the USA only. As the US only comprises 2% of the globe, the NASA corrections had a miniscule effect on global temperatures (less than one thousandth of a degree). 2006 is still globally the hottest year on record but more importantly, the global warming trend is unaffected by the NASA corrections.

As for the temperature drop in 2007, it's not unusual - there was a similar short term temperature drop in 1999. Both drops coincide with unusually strong La Ninas which have a short term cooling effect on global temperatures.

J C Schahrer said...

You can only claim any warming since 1900 because we have gone through 2 warming periods of 40 years each and only 1 cooling period until now. So your tiny amount of 0.6C degree warming claim does nothing to show a trend of warming and not even Nasa believes your mistaken mind about 2006...according to their claims 2006 was 5th warmest you are wrong and missing your facts about history. And it still means nothing, since we will go through the second cooling period that will show a overall cooling trend when we get through the next 40 years... Smiles
As far this temperature drop in 2007 it was the most extreme change and a factual graph would show that fact... the drop was equal to the claim you have for warming over the last 100 years , since we were in a general warming since the last ice age it may take a few years of the next cooling to reflect a chenge that will completely wipe out any of the natural warming we have had since 1250 A.D.
La nina did not change the temperature, it changed the jet stream and may have caused the precipitation in some areas to increase while it decreased in others. If we didnt get the odd jet stream we would have had more arctic temps and some areas would have ben cooler... and since this arctic condition spread all around the northern hemisphere it cannot be said that La Nina had such an effect.
Also this cooling year was not predicting by the pseudo science computer modeling bunch, in fact they all predicted the opposite. They're computer models are way off. They cannot be close to factual by claiming a continuous warming when not predicting the cooling.

JC said...

Actually, the cooling in 2007 was predicted by the Hadley Centre who knew we were heading into a strong La Nina. In 1999, a warm El Nino switched to a cool La Nina, resulting in a drop in global temperatures of 0.55C degrees. Similarly, 2006 featured El Nino conditions, which switched to La Nina in 2007.

La Nina seems to have peaked in February 2008 and already the short term cooling may have reversed. Feb 2008 was 0.14C degrees warmer than Jan 2008. Of course, I wouldn't presume to deduce climate trends based on monthly data over such a short period - you need a much longer time period to discern long term trends in such a noisy signal.

J C Schahrer said...

On that,lets look at longer periods of time.... since we had roughly a 40 year warming from 1900 to 1940 and then a cooling from 1940 to 1980 and then a warming from 1980 until now.. its seems to be more likely that the change is going to the cooling again as now we have had , not just a cooler year but another cooler winter... though in each 40 year period and both before and after each period there were years that strayed from the majority with many natural phenomenon taking part ... and its all been natural ... the average temp for this past winter
And since temps have been flat since 1998 there hasnt been the warming that has been propagandized over the last 10 years.
Consider the simple fact, drawn from the official temperature records of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, that for the years 1998-2005 global average temperature did not increase.
And we can say that the warming in that one year 1998 was caused by the natural El Nino... not by some human trying to warm his cold farm so he could grow his corn.
It won't get better when we get colder,you know? We would be better off with this past warming period ,again. But since you would rather think a warming is so bad you will never seek the truth on natural climate change.

J C Schahrer said...

Your friend's so-called prediction sounded more like someone who knows we are going into the next cooling trend and had to cover their butt in case they were wrong they have been.
No wonder it wasnt reported, and I predicted that cooling long before.. since a good portion of the cooling happened last winter long before they "predicted" it. HAHAHA...
The time frame was January 2007 to January 2008. Last January 2007 boasted many record breaking cold temps around the world.. here where I live we had the coldest month ever recorded and smashed 15 days of records with below -15F.
I wouldnt call their words a prediction, maybe it was a joke.... lol

J C Schahrer said...

In any case thanks for proving that all climate change is natural as La Nina and El Nino made the changes , not Co2.
But again C02 has never been shown to cause any warming but rather it follows warming and almost appears to proceed cooling periods , it just isnt a cause of warming anyway you look at it... so the basis for Global Warming is false to begin with.
But bring on any facts of natural warming or cooling and we can blow off all the fake claims of warming by man.
I actually heard someone say the hole in the Ozone caused Global Warming... The Arctic grew this year and they still do stories on polar bears when their numbers keep going up. It just doesnt make sense when you really think it over and look at the facts and history of the entire climate over millions of years as it changed.

Anonymous said...

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J C Schahrer said...

As "JC" said, As for the temperature drop in 2007, it's not unusual"...
And of course it is unusual unless we are in a ice age, but when you look at the graph it shows how this drop in 2007 was a big. This is a news report from winter 2008 as the cold winter continued after 2007.
Here is a graph to look at