Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cooling Cooling Cooling is Cool is not warming!

Hahaha It just isnt enough to say the cooling is on us to make Algore the nut a crushed nut. He went out saying C02 causes warming... now he will have to say C02 makes cooling the planet... hope you remember the change of his brain.
Ok, I dont think C02 causes cooling either but it doesnt do enough to cause warming either. So now we will be colder as so many scientists have said for a few years as political fake scientists kept saying the planet is warming.
We have to check real temps and facts to know things..and not listen to fake political leftist people who think they can brainwash us. Thats all it is. The earth is smarter then leftists , thats why they look it as their God.
Now you can read the news about the 1 degree cooler earth in just one year. The truth is that is a record of change. After 100 years of back and forth of cooling and warming... now we are headed into the next cooling... no matter what man does. The earth decided to do it. AND that wont change unless the universe or the sun says it will change again. The real God must have known great ways to change the climate and its all here in this earth. So many natural things changed the earths climate. Man is useless for any changing of the big earth climate PERIOD!

Check out the whole story on the cooler earth

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