Saturday, April 26, 2008

Now cooling is cooling

Wait it's into Spring here here and we got cold and snow like it was in February ! Can someone say Climate Change ...yes Climate Change is now the word to replace Global Warming dialog.... that's because the thinkers who made up the silly warming claims now see the cooling coming and have to change you all to believe that the same manmade junk that caused the so-called warming... now causes the cooling ...
So C02 really causes cooling now? They just took 20 years brainwashing you to believe it causes the warming....

This graph shows last years major cooling drop (blue) and that one year drop has never been seen as so radical in either direction
But before you freak and say ..yikes we are in the Ice Age now.... just wait... all the warming we had from 1900 was only .6C and last years drop was about .6C
graph showing cooling 2007 -2008

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