Monday, November 05, 2007

Real Temperature records

I want to put these numbers down again this is the new temperature warmest years for the U.S. These numbers were only revised after the payed off Hansen at Nasa was presented with facts that made it look like he surely made of false temperature numbers to try to show more warming during the last 10 than in the past.
This is the warmest 10 years from record keeping U.S. history.
It is noticeable that the 1930's had some warm years then there was a cooling from 1940 to 1970 so we don't see but one year during that period of time that made the top 10 warmest years. According to the pattern of natural warming and cooling we are about to enter the next cooling period. There are certainly many natural variables that blur some definite climate periods including: sunspot activity, clouds, El Nino and La Nina water temperature change and the jet stream, volcanoes to name a few.
Again the Al Goreans claim our pollution is causing climate change. They have made themselves believe that if you throw a piece of paper on the highway that is magically floats up to the upper atmosphere and causes more warming, they are funny. The claims they make don't make sense at all when you know enough about the planet.

Here is a great page with U.S. Hot and Cold records for each state

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