Friday, May 25, 2007

South Africa Freezes

In just a few days 54 cold temp records in South Africa were put in hell to freeze over liars of Global Warming who call plain old weather like hurricanes and weekly warming or cooling over the planet a climate change. Daily the real God makes them look like the lying fools they are... unfortunately 21 died in the freezing temps that came completely unexpected, and maybe more so, since Al Gore and the world team of dumb asses have made so many people think they will have more and more heat. I am just sure more people these days who have fallen for this crap don't plan or think of what to do if extremely cold weather hits them overnight.
OK, this is one just another notable weather event that you think I am claiming is the next ice age coming. No, don't jump to that conclusion, yet. But rest assured that some freak of the Global Warming band wagon WILL take this event and put it in their claims of Global Warming.... the word DUH!! was made up just for this ..CLIMATE CHANGES!!! It does it no matter what man does or doesn't do. And you and everyone else who has seen any part of this planet knows it has a history of change that came before mankind or Big Oil or planes or hairspray or your lawn mower.
Man does not change the weather or the climate and the weather or the climate could take mankind off this planet any time it wants to.
We've been so lucky to have lived during a time of very mild weather and it is bound to change to another Ice Age within a few hundred years. No one can say exactly when. But it will and that's the truth.

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