Saturday, March 25, 2006

Aint no Santa hun...sorry no easta' bunny ...

There is no Santa, there is no Easter Bunny

I watched this word "global warming" over the last 20 years, become the household word for the most extreme use of environmentalism. The only people I see pushing this have the desire to bolshevise the world or those who are paid to say what is needed to try to make an unproven theory grow as a popular belief. That has to be a religion and not a science. We hear they have a "Consensus" of scientist who now believe "global warming" is manmade. Science is not consensus, it is not religion or political faith. It is not up for a vote. It is 100% fact or possibly a mere study of a theory. In this case of climate change we have a theory which cannot be proved until years of weather and temps have been put together to provide a historical. Though it is said that a 30 year period of weather stats could be shown as one climate. We know this whole lame arguement is based on a .07 degree warming over the last 100 years. But then, we do have evidence that does not need anything but common sense and a bit of history. Have you heard Al Gore or any of the pushers behind the theory of global warming blaming Nature? They ignore all that Nature can do and has done for millions of years and their claim is that only man could melt some snow on top of a mountain. Do you hear the common news that we had a mini Ice age just 600 or so years ago? And that there has obviously been warming since that time or we would still be in the ice age. The period after this ice age Of course the warming started long before the automobile roamed the earth. Have you ever heard a single mainstream journalist tell you we are within a few years of the next Natural Ice Age? We have records of a Major Ice Age every 10,500 years or so going back a million years. We are 10,000 year plus...from the last major Ice Age. With the exception of this mini ice age between 1400 and 1700AD. And if you really check it out and think about it you will realize how dynamic the earth's climate really is. A Dark Ages Cold period(400-700AD), followed by a Medieval Warm period(800-1200AD), and that folowed by the Little Ice Age(1300-1800AD), and then current warming from then until now. Any geologist (who hasnt been payed off by the Big Global Warming Machine) can tell you about the ice ages and the natural cooling and warming the earth has gone through for billions of years. And there is no reason this natural climate change will not happen again on this earth as it has for all time.
You no doubt heard some "enviro-mental" suggested that man-made global warming can cause the next ice age. Proving they dont really know whether there is any change to warmer or colder temps across the planet. They just want to claim any weather that happens as it has in nature for all time is now only man's fault.

The argument for ozone layer depletion was mostly political, as no one knows how long the ozone hole has existed... Since it was never discovered or even looked for until recently it could have existed for hundreds, thousands, millions of years.
These liberals and socialists wanted us to think "man" (primarily the U.S.A.) and CFC's caused the hole in the ozone layer. However they blocked the use of CFC products in the U.S. and other free market countries 25 years ago. And it hasnt changed anything. The holes remain and they grow and shrink just like anything in nature. Now they have given up that claim they made since common sense would tell us, if it exists, the ozone hole has been there, long before man's freon and hairspray. It always changes, and shrinks, and grows just like everything else on this dynamic planet ...the ozone layer is replenished by interaction between the sun and the oceans. We cannot stop the process without blocking out the sun or maybe covering the entire oceans.


The basis of the claim of Global Warming is that the whole planet warmed less than 1 degree in the last one hundred years.
We also have satellite temperature records from 40 years back and they show a 1-degree cooling pattern. But that's still not enough about temperature records. These figures also included ocean temps which surely could be even 5 degrees warmer than 100 years ago and that would not mean warmer land temperatures at all. In fact the warmer ocean temps can push us into the next ice age.
We have been hearing a lot of news about underwater volcanoes erupting and heating certain areas of ocean with boiling lava, and they emit tons of debris that kills all life around them. Man could not cause volcanic eruptions such as these. Nor create anything with such destructive power.
Anyone with a simple education about nature can see the dynamics of the earth's climate will change in nature no matter what man does or doesnt do.


Ask yourself why "the pushers" of Global Warming go after the craziest claims??
Why would they make carbon dioxide the new enemy? Can you say Evil SUV?? Yes the car puts out co2 emissions and anything that comes out of a car tail pipe must be bad!! But again co2 is all around us, and plants live off the stuff. There were other emissions from the auto exhaust that have already been controlled ...Now they have (excuse the term) 'exhausted' ways to attack the Big Oil powered automobile so they go after this? From this they say we will create a "greenhouse effect". First it is known that C02 doesnt cause global warming... check the facts for the earth's long history... colder times have had higher amounts of C02 in the the atmosphere. But what if it did? It still wouldnt matter because all man's effort to be the big C02 producer hasnt done him any good.. natural sources of C02 dwarf man's effort. Even termites rate higher on the list of earth's C02 producers.
Again they use a ridiculous claims to help make the "global warming religion" a dream come true. They have already passed laws in a few states that put a tax on SUV's for future co2 emission controls.
In the words of one socialist activist "Global Warming happens all over.. you can find it in different places at different times.." it moves around??? Yes it moves around just like WEATHER. And yes it isn't about science or facts, it is just one political tool for propagating a socialist religion.


Sure some glaciers have melted down over the last 40 years. However the largest glaciers in the world have been growing. Plus hundreds of glaciers all over the mountain regions of the world have been increasing in size .
Click here for a great information source: You can get more studies and sciences and names of the growing glaciers

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